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As an educational consultant, I look for an excellent match between applicant and university, and in the absolute benefit of both. I have many friends in college admissions, and I respect them, so I only recommend applicants to them that will be good students or contributors. Likewise, I recommend my applicants only colleges where they will be productive and happy. It's all about the match, a two-way street, not just brand-names or a supposed prestige!

Starting at any time from when they enter high-school up until their senior year, I help a handful of college applicants, both undergraduate and graduate, guiding them in their academic and extra-curricular life until they become successful college students. Having only a handful of students allows me to provide the necessary dedication that applicants need to go through this hectic and stressful process. To choose the applicants that I will invest my time in, I evaluate English proficiency, academic record, non-academic record, and family background.

Through as much time as we need (personal sessions and phone/internet), my help includes step-by-step guidance on how to construct a rich life and a rich resume that will be appreciated by colleges and universities. I do everything from motivating students academically and recommending extra-curriculars, jobs, summer courses, and activities, to guidance on SAT and TOEFL preparation, career selection (based on talents and passions), college selection, interviews, correspondence, recommendation letters, student transcripts, legalizations, translations, US embassy procedures, and more. I also guide you on what not to do. Together, we fill in the sometimes misleading application forms. Most important of all, I help you show the universities who you really are, through the essays.

I'm known as the King of Essays because no one can guide Venezuelan or other Latin-American applicants better in showing who they really are in their essays. I help bring out the "communicator" in applicants. Together, we make sure that the essays fully communicate the ideas and feelings of my applicants in a clear and memorable way. I know what university admission departments are looking for and what they really expect from an essay (it's not what you think it is), and it is very different from what a mere English teacher or your English-speaking uncle will tell you.

I am an accredited College Admissions Counselor, member of the two most important counselor associations. I also visit college campuses worldwide on a regular basis, having visited more than 200 universities, and I attend all major educational conferences to be in the forefront of college admission trends. So far I have visited universities and special programs to recommend all across Europe, East Asia, Latin America and all the states of the continental USA. I am not a consulting firm, so I will help you personally. It is your life, your future and a huge college investment. Don't ruin it by getting the wrong advice.


This package has a standard flat fee and it is for unlimited hours. I charge not per application, but for providing an applicant a spot among my 10 individual applicants (maximum) at a time, and making sure he/she gets into a college, a perfect match, that will lead him/her to a fine professional life.


NOTE: For price comparison, high-level independent counselors such as Katherine Cohen and Michelle Hernandez charge around $50.000 per student. What I offer my applicants is more personal and much cheaper! Oh, and so far, I have a 100% success rate. I lead them to the best universities that match their grades, test scores, and personalities. When students follow my advice, they become happy and successful professionals.


For those students that only require choosing, creating, strengthening and/or correcting their essays to meet the standards of admissions committees, I charge a per essay fee depending on academic level and essay length (up to 500 words, 501 to 800 words, 801 to 1500 words, 1500 to 2000). For price comparison, please compare to www.essaysolutions.com or any other essay revising service.



This is for those students that will do their applications with no further guidance, but need help in getting started. I will study students' profiles, including vocational analyses, to see if their profiles match their aspirations. I will suggest colleges that make good matches for them. I will also provide the steps to watch out for, the dates, and the tips that only experienced counselors know. I will give them a class on understanding what admissions offices really expect when they ask those strange essay questions. In all, I will talk to them like a close friend, letting them know the "do's and dont's" of the college application process and answering all their questions. My mission is to get them enthusiastically jump-started and save them much time and stress.



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