Guests that I should have avoided, and that all accomodation managers and hosts should know about.

Mark Dohlen

This person came by Caracas on his way from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Toronto, Canada, my place was full so i did him the favor of putting him up in a nice hotel. Once here, he asked me to send him my driver for an airport drop-off. I asked him to pay the driver directly (I don't make anything on this) but he told me he had no currency left except Brazilian Reais, which as I had told him before he came, are worthless in Caracas. He had come to Venezuela already with some bolivares and didn't bother to get US dollars. Drivers do not accept Brazilian Reais in Caracas. Therefore, instead of saying "Sorry, you have no money, I can't help you," I paid his cab ($40) down to the airport. He promised to pay me back through PayPal as soon as he got home. He sounded Canadian, so I trusted him (I've never had a bad Canadian guest). Mistake! I'm still waiting for the money I lent him. I have written to him many times and he doesn't reply. His email is mdohlen@yahoo.com. If a person with this email ever writes to you asking for acommodation, say no and be free from this trickster.

Iouliia Skliarova

This Portuguese woman of Belorussian origin is a fierce penny pincher that wrote a negative review about me without even staying here, it's about me...not my place, because I didn't put her up in "The cheapest place in town", as she somehow expected (My place was full, so I did her the favor of putting her up in another hotel). Of course there were cheaper hotels than the $80 one I put her up in (I offered her a $40 one too), but she chose the nicer $80 one. I also sent her my driver to pick her up, and in the review she accused my driver of picking his nose (untrue...and he told me she stunk as if unbathed). She did all this after I got her, as a favor, bus tickets to another city before she arrived. She sent me at least 14 emails which a ton of questions each, whcih I answered all, and she did not consider that I invested an hour to go to the terminal to buy her tickets so she could have a smooth trip. Since I told her it would be $20 for the ticket (rounded out...which is normal here), and she later found out that it was really like $19.22, she said buying them through me was "more expensive". Yeah, I made almost a whole dollar off of her...ridiculous. She also said that I gave her the wrong advice on currency exchange when I told her that changing USD here was generally easier than changing Euro. She must have met a swiss inn owner with a european bank account because she said it's not true, when it's absolutely true. Her email is iouliia@ua.pt. She is an ungrateful guest that expects all, wants to pay nothing and she thinks she knows more than the locals. Very complicated person. Hosts beware!

Matthew Morris - Simon Farrow - Charlotte Farrow

These three young English guests were the most two-faced and hipocrite Englishmen I've ever met. They sent me a million emails begging me to help them organize a cheap trip to the expensive island of Los Roques. Matthew asked if I could allow them the flexibility of all three sharing Nelson's Room, to save money. I accepted, and on top of that I got them cheap tickets to Los Roques (speacial fare that only a handful of locals had access to) and talked to the National Guard so they would allow them to sleep in tents (normally not allowed on Los Roques). When they got back, they couldn't get buses out of the city, so they stayed for the weekend in Nelson's Room again, where I had another guest coming in, who accepted to stay in another room. I had to leave the city. I asked the three brits to please pay my mom when they left. Well, THEY SNUCK OUT AT 6:00 AM WITHOUT PAYING the $80 they owed my mother, out of which she lives. Matthew's email is mattmorris1984@hotmail.co.uk and mattmorris1984@vodafone.net. At the time, he worked at Stroud & Swindon. If you receive an email from this young man, beware, he is cynical, a total hypocrite, and dishonest. He even wrote an arrogant blog about his Latin American travels in which he simply made fun of everyone he met and everything he saw on the way. Oh the arrogance! These three almost made me ban the English from staying at my place. Hosts beware!

Jane Moore

This English woman describes herself in travel pages as seeking "nothing but the best" but in expensive Caracas, she wanted to stay at cheap ol' Nelson's Place instead of the "nothing but the best" $350 hotels. That weekend, three of her countrymen (the ones mentioned above) got stranded in the city and had nowhere to stay, so I proposed to put her up in a hotel and I would pay the difference, or that she could stay in a small extra room I had, FREE OF CHARGE. She accepted to stay in the small room for free. All was good until she got home and wrote a horrible and FALSE review of my place (with a LOT of lies). Her email is janepmoore@hotmail.com.This woman is one of those that wants to use hosts as a carpet to walk on and pay little, and if you do not please her, she gets revenge by lying on review pages. Her good reviews are for people that make her the center of their universe while she is there. Egocentric, scheming and complicated guest. Hosts beware!

Margaret Wong

Canadian citizen of Chinese origin, this woman is one of those that pretends not to understand English too well so she can save a dollar. She came for two nights but my place was full. I offered her to stay at a cheap hotel I know, she accepted and sent me the reservation deposit which includes the first night and the airport pick-up. She got in at 1:00 am. She was supposed to pay the second night to the hotel directly. When she cheked out, she said that she had paid me for both nights, and the hotel staff, never imagining that was lying, let her go. I had to pay that second night after she left. When I sent her an email asking her to kindly pay me for the second night I had already paid for her, she said she only stayed there a day because she got in at 1:00 am and left the next day early in the morning, that she didn't stay 48 hours, pretending not to understand that a "night" means checking in anytime between 4:00 pm and 12:00 noon the next day. After I explained to her that hotels in Venezuela don't count a day as 24 hours (as if she didn't know), then she started complaining about the hotel, saying that the $40 price was too high for such simple rooms. I realized that she is simply the type that complains to get discounts or stuff for free from merchants, like those that make a scene at restaurants so the nervous managers let them have thier meal on the house. In the end, realizing she simply didn't want to pay (she even threatened to write a bad review), I let it go. The hotel staff, told me that they offered her a cab down to the airport, but that she instead lugged her suitcase down the long boulevard trying to find a bus down to the coast (these are hot and stuffy buses full of poor beachgoers), from where she could later get a cab once closer to the airport, saving her...$20. Now you understand why I don't want cheap people in my place. I'm budget, but hauling your suitcase under the sun in an unfamiliar city, risking theft, to save $20 is being insane stingy. Hosts, this woman, whose email is mywong332@yahoo.ca, will stay at your place and try to avoid paying the full price by any means. Hosts beware!



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